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Meet The Imbeciles

Imbecile:  noun – a fool, an idiot 


What happens when 4 fools come together with common traits? 

-Fools for great music 

-Fools for great craft beer 

-Fools for great fellowship 

-Fools for charitable causes 

The result is The Imbeciles!  Blackadder Brewing Company’s house band.   

Late 2022 at Blackadder Brewing Company, 2 of our bartenders, a consummate regular, and the son of 

the founders of Blackadder came to the realization that:  

-they all played instruments, 

-shared a love for craft brews, 

-enjoyed a wide range of great music, and 

-they wanted to bring good to the greater Gainesville community.   

Out of these shared passions, The Imbeciles were born. 

Once a month, you can come hear The Imbeciles play for free at Blackadder Brewing Company.  

The band accepts no compensation – they simply ask that if you’re having a good time – please donate to the 

Blackadder charity of the month.  

Review our Events calendar and join us for a fun evening of musical jams, great craft beer, and a little 

splash of musical theater – all to support great local charities. 


Recently voted the Gainesville Sun’s 2023 Community Choice Award Winning – Best Live Music Artist / Group / Band,

come out and enjoy The Imbeciles! 

Meet the band:











Chris Modrono – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

Hometown – Miami, FL

Day Job – Blackadder Bartender

Known For – Sick guitar riffs, a passion for gig equipment, and the best hair in the band

Favorite Band – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard









Brian Pope – Drums
Hometown – Somewhere in Western PA!
Day Job – Executive Director of Lubee Bat Conservancy
Known For – Driving rhythmic beats, loud music, and infectious passion for jamming!
Favorite Band –???

Harrison Hart – Keys, Bass, Back-Up Vocals, and Rhythm Guitar
Hometown – Gainesville, FL
Day Job – Bank Teller

Known For – Sick keys, killer Johnny Cash vocals, and a mean falsetto
Favorite Band – ???

Aaron Brand – Bass, Backup Vocals
Hometown – Hawthorne, FL
Day Job – Editor
Known For – Trivia skills, bass rhythms, and a love for the Jags and Atlanta Braves
Favorite Band – Smashing Pumpkins









Chris Hart – Backup Vocals

Hometown – New Haven, CT

Day Job – Brewer

Known For – Intoxicating others and creating some really hard Trivia questions

Favorite Band – Yes











Erin Boyle – Backup Vocals

Hometown –

Day Job –Artist & Bartender

Known For – Infectious laugh and mad painting skills

Favorite Band –

John Eastman – Backup Vocals and horns

Hometown – Lansdale, PA

Day Job – CEO of Medical Practice

Known For –

Favorite Band – Led Zeppelin

Sissy Hart – Backup Vocals

Hometown – Hawthorne, FL

Day Job – Marketing Director & Events Coordinator

Known For – Costumes for every & all occasions

Favorite Band –  Anything '80s & Prog Rock


Tracy Pope – Backup Vocals

Hometown – Louisville, KY

Day Job – Programs & Events Coordinator at Lubee Bat Conservancy

Known For – Bats n Stuff

Favorite Band – All the things!

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